The daily summaries in Damascus countryside || 25 – 11 – 2011||:

Almost all the countryside cities demonstrated during this Friday, which named by “The Free Syrian Army FSA Protects Me”, however, they demonstrated after Al-Joumou’a Prayer in despite of the surrounded mosques and the heavy security deployment:

• 16-year-old Muhammad Bakkar, he was killed by a sniper’s bullet when he was going home after Friday’s prayers.
• Despite the dense presence of security, demonstrations came out from most of the 60 mosques of Douma. The main demonstrations came out from the mosques of Al-Huda, Halima, and Al-Manfoush.
Twelve cars of Security and Shabiha (regime-sponsored gangs) attacked the protesters in Al-Tawhid mosque.
• The security forces threw sound bombs at the demonstration of Taha mosque, while snipers fired at the same demonstration from Al-Ghanam square.
• A demonstration came out of Al-Ansar mosque and it was dispersed. Security forces and Shabiha surrounded the mosques of Al-Shuhada, Hasiba, Al-Baghdadi, Al-Fawwal, Al-Saliq, Abu-Al-Rahj, Al-Tawhid, and Al-Huda.
• Security and Shabiha attacked and chased the protesters of the demonstration of Al-Saliq mosque in the allies
• While the demonstrators in Mesraba coming out from Al-Nour and Al-Qaqish mosques were fired at. All the roads leading to the Grand Mosque of Al-Shuhada were blocked, the area was surrounded, and most worshipers were prevented from reaching the mosque to attend prayers.
• Since early morning an arrest campaign began in Abdul-Raouf neighborhood, dozens were arrested, some of whom are Palestinians, one of those arrested has a bullet’s wound. Random arrests took place in the streets and allies, while the raids affected a dozens of extended families in Abdul-Raouf neighborhood, such as; Al-Saour, Al-Afa, Al-Hamouri, Shehab, Henan, Al-Baghdadi, and Abu-Rateb AnJileh. Homes were looted and vandalized in these raids. A defected soldier was arrested after his ammunition ran out, and his foot was shot in Abdul-Raouf neighborhood.
• Curfew: Due to the siege and the random firing, by security and Shabiha, the worshipers were unable to reach mosques; the residents were prevented from attending prayers in the Grand Mosque, and in Bilal Abdul-Raouf mosque the call for prayer was not announced nor the prayer was held. Checkpoints-barricades were heavily spread in the streets and entrances of Douma city.
• Some of today’s banners in Douma: “The Free Army [FSA] protects me,” “The Arab Leagues is killing me,” “checkmate,” “Resistance according to Al-Assad is to cut off electricity, communication, fuel, and block free media,” and “Long Live the Free Army [FSA].”
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• Heavy gunfire at Mesraba junction in Douma after news of defections in the army, the firing went on from 12:30 PM until 3:00 PM. Afternoon the heavy firing was by PKS in Mesraba and Al-Sendiyana, in an atmosphere of a war zone from noon until sunset. Army buses arrived at the area harried from Aleppo-road and heading to Al-Quwatli Street.
• Some heavily armed security and Shabiha buses entered the city and surrounded the mosques to prevent any demonstrations from getting out so many people could not go to prayer in mosques.
• However, before the end of Al-Joumou’a prayer a big group of security and army who were surrounding the mosque of Al-Nashawi defected so there were some clashes between the deflectors and the regime militia so some injuries issued in both of them.
However, two big explosions were heard in the town.
• And tow electricity cables were cut before a big explosion was heard and after that the security forces withdrew from all the town, however, the people gathered their strength and outright  demonstrated, they were about some hundreds and they got to the eastern neighborhood and entered the municipality building  and wrote on its walls :
The people want to project the regime.
Go out Bashar Al-Assad ……etc.
• The child Ismail Bakr, seven years old ,was shot in his stomach because of the random firing by the shabih and the security forces and have been moved to a hospital.
• The child Ahmad Suleiman Ammar, twelve years, he has been in the cells of the aerial security for more than a month and until now his destiny is unknown.
We are demanding from the humanity organizations to interference to know the destiny of this innocent child and bringing him back to his family.
• Tow demonstrations came out after Al-Joumou’a prayer in despite of the heavily security deployment,  however they were demanding to project the regime and they said “go out Bashar Al-Assad”
• In addition, the militia of Jameel Hassan (the aerial security) opened fire at the demonstration while it was adjourning and launched lachrymators.
• In addition, no injuries were registered.
• Featured videos:

• Demonstration came out of the mosques of (Al-Farouq – Al-Arnous) and went to Hanoneh deep some clashes issued with the regime gangs in the neighborhood of Lilalina who launched lachrymators.
• Featured videos:

• Demonstrations came out after Al-Joumou’a prayer for with the FSA (The Free Syrian Army).
• Featured videos:

• The security forces heavily deployed in all streets and surrounded all the mosques so no demonstrations came out.
• A demonstration came out from the mosque of Al-Tawfeeq in despite of the heavy security deployment and went to the gardens of Zamalka and it was disparate before the security forces were appeared.
• Until now, the security forces and Shabiha were heavily deployed in the entire city while the internet is cut from almost all the city for more than a week.
• The security forces are heavily deployed in many areas:
The public square: there were checkpoint-barricade with stereotypes, PKC machineguns, and snipers on the rooftops.
The Great mosque: the security forces heavily surrounded it with a stereotype and snipers on the rooftops.
Al-Taobah mosque: tens of Shabiha deployed in front of the mosque with snipers on the rooftops of the surrounding buildings with civil-clothed armed people and traitors.
Hazza Street: The security forces heavily deployed on both sides, here too were a stereotype and many civil cars and vans moving in the town of Zamalka.

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