The Syrian Revolution in Damascus countryside – Douma city coordinate: ||The daily summary of the Syrian revolution in 27 Nov. 2011||:

The Syrian Revolution in Damascus countryside – Douma city coordinate:

The daily summary of the Syrian revolution in 27 Nov. 2011:


  • Regarding Syria, the Arab States foreign affairs ministers discussed, on Sunday in Cairo, the possibility of imposing sanctions on the Syrian regime after Damascus refused to sign the Arab States League document for receive observers.
  • The Baath regime in Syria considered the decision released on Thursday by the Arab States League to be a tacit approval to the internationalization of the crisis and an interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

Events on the field:

  • The Syrian observatory for human rights said that more than twenty-seven civilians died yesterday (Saturday), including three children, in addition, other two people died because of torturing.
  • However, twenty-two militaries died at least and more than 40 militaries were injured by the FSA “Free Syrian Army”.

||Damascus countryside||:

  • The people of Douma city came out a huge burial of their martyr Mohammed Bakkar.
  • The child Anas Shuja’ died in Al-Tal city



  • The corpse of the martyr Mahmoud Al-Humsy were delivered to his family in the neighborhood of Bab Al-Sba’ with two extracted eyes and barbaric torturing effects on his body.
  • The security forces and the Syrian traitor army conducted a military campaign on the village of Bayodah in Al-Qusair in Homs with dense random firing to cause nine martyrs and tens of injuries and arrests.
  • The child Lama Deeb Al-Barry, nine years old died because of some injuries affected her in the Friday demonstrations, That and the regime forces killed this young Christian child, Sari Saoud, and forced his family to appear on the regime media and say that “terrorists” killed him, not the security forces.
  • All of this happened while the security forces where conducting many military and security campaigns.
  • Demonstrations issued in all of this city neighborhoods and countryside.



  • The city of Karnaz was heavily surrounded and heavily shelled.
  • That and the city of Hyaline was intruded for the fourth time in only one week so its habitants were decamping…
  • Violent clashes issued between the FSA “Free Syrian Army” and the official army and big explosions were heard with dense random firing in all of the city allies especially in the market area.
  • In addition, the regime militia kidnapped three women beside the medical center in the neighborhood of Al-Sharee’a.


  • Violent clashes issued in the south of Al-Ghadfah village in the area of Sahm Al-Tal between the FSA and the official army.
  • That and a large deflection in the army happened in the deep of Al-Daif, causing more than thirty killed elite in the security forces… so Al-Habit city is suffering of a big campaign of random arrests and intrudes.


  • The doctor Abdu-Allah Al-Sulqini was summoned to the military security in Aleppo and until now he did not come back.
  • That and big demonstrations came out in the countryside of Aleppo demanding the execution of Bashar Al-Assad


  • The security forces with a big support from the army intruded Al-Nou’aemah village yesterday’s morning but the SRGC “The Syrian Revolution General Committee” said that the security forces arrested more than hundred people, however the FSA Attacked three vehicles and destroyed them causing a lot of dead and killed elite in the security forces and the militia
  • In the end the local coordinates said that more than forty civilians died today in all of Syria.

About Douma Revolution

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