Summary and Videos of Events in Idlib, on Thursday, 1 Dec 2011

Summary and Videos of Events in Idlib, on Thursday, 1 Dec 2011 From: E.N.N

– Herbnoush:
The 36 years old, Maher Mustafa Hmoush, was killed in Filoun during the storming of the town, he lived in Al-Mstoumeh and he is the 1st martyr from the town of Herbnoush.

– Jesr Al-Shoghour:

• A strike was in effect in Jesr Al-Shoghour in protest of the violence of security against the unarmed civilians. Security forced some stores to open by breaking the locks of the stores to force the owners to open their stores.

• 2 helicopters flew over Jesr Al-Shoghour and photographed the area.

– Tal Menes Maarat Al-Numan:

Security with the support of the army burned 3 homes in the village of Maar Shamsha, whose owners are believed to be activists. In addition to arresting the 25 years old Fouad Al-Musa lives in Tal Menes, and works as a public transportation truck driver, he was arrested while at work.

– Sirmin:

A general strike was in effect in the city, in honor of the martyrs of Idlib province. Stores and schools were closed, and employees did not go to work. A large demonstration was held and called for the execution of Bashar Al-Assad, demanded international intervention, a No-Fly-Zone, a buffer zone, chanted in support of the Free Syrian Army and in solidarity with Al-Nirab, Idlib, Homs, and all other stricken cities.

– Taftanaz:
Regime forces, which have been surrounding the town since 20 Nov 2011, connected a landline to coordinate with the command of Taftanaz airport, and this proves that they plan to continue the siege for a long time.

– Kafr Takharim:
Military reinforcement, of 17 Zil vehicles carrying around 1,500 elements and 8 Range Rovers, stormed the town and got stationed at Al-Hurriya square. This reinforcement came after a helicopter flew yesterday for a long while in the sky over Kafr Takharim then the helicopter headed to the western mountain.

– Ariha:
Large military reinforcements stormed the city and indiscriminately opened fire at homes and stores to terrorize the city, while also shouting profanities and insults. We were unable to get confirmed reports of injuries because people were in fear and panic and stayed in their homes. The attack comes after a demonstration was held in solidarity with Idlib and Rankous today, and after the strike which was in effect yesterday, 30 Nov 2011. But the people of the town, with their bare chests, came out, again, in a large demonstration after the attack.

– Kafr Haya:
The army fired at Turki Al-Sheikh, he is from the village of Kaft Haya and works as the director of finance in Ariha town, and he was shot while in his way to work today’s morning, his wounds are very serious.

– TerManin:
A large demonstration was held after nighttime prayers calling for freedom and toppling the regime and in solidarity with Idlib city.

Featured Videos:
Taftanaz – The people of the town calling on the army to defect

Jabal Al-Zawiya – A large demonstration on 1 Dec 2011

Jabal Al-Zawiya – A nighttime demonstration on 1 Dec 2011

Kafr Uwaid in Jabal Al-Zawiya – A demonstration on 1 Dec 2011

Maarrat Mesrin – General strike 1 Dec 2011

Maarrat Mesrin – A student demonstration during the general strike 1 Dec 2011

Khan Al-Sabil – A student demonstration on Thursday, 1 Dec 2011

Kafr Roma – A nighttime demonstration in solidarity with wounded Idlib city on Thursday 1 Dec 2011

Maarrat Al-Numan – A nighttime demonstration on 1 Dec 2011

Sirmin – A nighttime demonstration on 1 Dec 2011

Kelli – A nighttime demonstration with electricity blackout 1 Dec 2011

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