SRGC – Summary and Videos of Events in Idlib, on Thursday, 3 Dec 2011

Summary and Videos of Events in Idlib, on Thursday, 3 Dec 2011 From: E.N.N

– Khan Sheikhon:
• Victim Sarab Aloun was arrested wounded yesterday, 2 Dec 2011; he was killed, and handed over a dead body today.

• A large crowd of mourners, from the town and its surrounding villages, attended the funeral procession of victims Basel Dioub and Khaled Abdul-Naser Al-Rahmoun, who were killed yesterday, 2 Dec 2011, by regime’s army bullets.

– Idlib city:
• Sounds of explosions at the National Hospital after it was surrounded by regime forces, which arrested the wounded and the dead bodies as well from the hospital. Search campaign all over the area looking for army defectors.

• 40 army tanks headed from Aleppo in the direction of Idlib city, it passed Saraqeb’s bridge, and its final destination is unknown yet. A column of tanks and military vehicles headed from Saraqeb to Ariha, and there was heavy gunfire in the village of Al-Trnba.

• Yesterday, 2 Dec, at 10 PM, an unidentified dead body arrived at the Red Crescent hospital.

– Ariha:

• Regime forces stormed the market and fired randomly, injuring at least 10 people, and there are reports of 2 victims killed in the firing, then there were clashes between them and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) at the city’s entrance, regime forces are using heavy weaponry and machine guns. There are reports of 3 more victims being wounded, and other reports of victims being killed, but it is impossible to confirm the reports as regime’s forces fire at anything moving. New military reinforcement arrived at the city from the military camps close by Al-Mastoumeh and Al-Nirab.

• The people of the city came out in a demonstration demanding a buffer zone and international protection for the civilians, the regime’s army elements fired heavily at the protesters, injuring 10 people, 2 of them are in a very critical condition.

• The city was then shelled very violently by the regime’s army, and distressed calls for help are filling the city, mixed with the crying of women and children. Then the news came of 3 victims killed, we got the name of one of the victims: Ammar Abu Tawq. There is also news of 7 wounded; the numbers are expected to rise as the shelling was continuing while this information was delivered. The minaret of the mosque of Abu Bakr Al-Seddiq was shelled and destroyed.

• And again the city came out in large demonstrations demanding the execution of Bashar Al-Assad in the city which has been under a state-terrorist campaign since noon

– Jesr Al-Shoghour:
The army indiscriminately shelled the village of Ayn Al-Bayda, using artillery, heavy weaponry, and heavy machine guns. The village, which is close to the Turkish border, shelters refugees.

– Sirmin:
Abdul-Karim Samir Hatabeh and his uncle Ayman Abdul-Karim Hatabeh were arrested at a military security checkpoint-barricade close by Al-Latamneh on Hama road. Also Abdullah Muhammad Khalaf was arrested and his car detained too at the checkpoint-barricade of the entrance to Aleppo, where he was heading with his wounded brother for medical care.

– Taftanaz town:
Pictures from the town on 3 Dec 2011 The arrests of Ali Masous and Ihsan Umar Ghazal at the
checkpoint-barricade of Kafr Halab.

– Al-Barra in Jabal Al-Zawiya:
A sergeant and 6 other elements tried to defect at the southern checkpoint-barricade in Al-Barra village and clashed with other elements there.

– Featured Videos:

• Idlib city – Sounds of gunfire, 3 Dec 2011

• Saraqeb – the regime’s army passes through the town, 3 Dec 2011

• The tanks column headed from Aleppo to Idlib, 3 Dec 2011

• Ariha town- The army and security spreading in the town before they started to fire, 3 Dec 2011

• Ariha town- firing at peaceful protesters, 2 Dec 2011

• Maarat Al-Numa, 3 Dec 2011
The dead body of victim Wael Dadoush, 3 Dec 2011
And his funeral procession

• The funeral procession of the 2 victims Bashar Dioub and Khaled Rahmoun in Khan Younis city, 3 Dec 2011

Demonstrations from the province of Idlib:
Demonstrations were held demanding a buffer zone and protection for civilians who are being slaughtered in Ariha, Idlib, Saraqeb, and all around Syria. Some of the towns were these demonstrations took place today are; Idlib city, Hazano, Taftanaz, Sirmin, Derkoush, Atma village, Termanin village, and Al-Qah village note that this is the 1st time a demonstration started in Al-Qah village, the people of the village used to participate in the demonstration in Atma village.

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