The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma (Duma) City A summary and videos of events on Monday, 12 Dec. 2011

The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma (Duma) City

A summary and videos of events on Monday, 12 Dec. 2011

The city wake up, as it went to bed yesterday, on the sounds of bullets and explosions. Water and electricity were cut off till the morning. The army was deployed and its checkpoints-barricades were heavily deployed at the entrances and in all of the streets. Snipers were on the rooftops in anticipation of funeral processions of yesterday’s victims. Security assaulted some women, fired at them, and arrested them causing great anguish to the city’s people. Security also arrested whole families including women and men, causing the whole city to rise up in the night after mosques cried for help. Today, regime forces tried to prevent the people from holding the funeral procession of Ziad Taha and regime forces surrounded the mosque where from the funeral procession was supposed to issue. The regime forces fired heavily at the mourners, still more than 50,000 people attended the funeral procession.

The Strike for Dignity and martyrs:

The extremely successful strike cost the city 4 victims killed by the angry regime. There were no activities in schools and universities and stores were closed. The regime responded with intense bullets fired at peaceful residents, and by destroying and looting stores to force the owners to open them. There were 3 victims killed yesterday, including Ziad Taha whose funeral was held today. Also victim Haya Al-Banna a Jordanian-Palestinian who lives in the city, and 14 years old child Majd Majoun, who died of 3 bullets to the abdomen, testicular and ankle. The Palestinian blood mix with the city, as today, the 4th victim was a Palestinian from Haifa, his name is Umar Khraish, he was 71 years old, and was shot at sunset close by Douma’s cemetery. The bullet went through from his left to his right shoulders; he is the 3rd Palestinian to be killed by the Syrian regime.

The wounded:

Dozens were injured, most of them with critical wounds, this took place during the funeral procession. Another 6 were critically injured in Al-Hajjariya area.


Several angry demonstrations came out today from the mosques of Hawwa and Hasiba, and from Umar Bin Al-Khattab Street after regime forces surrounded Taha mosque. A demonstration also issued in Abdul-Raouf neighborhood after nighttime prayers, another in Al-Diriya neighborhood and Al-Baghdadi mosque, in which the protesters, whom were directly fired at, blocked the streets with dumpsters and burned tires.

The people of the city raised many demands, including: The immediate release of the detained women, and mentioned by name the wounded woman Friza Smoud. They also demanded the immediate release of Sheikh Fahd Kaeka and human rights activist Muhammad Al-Wazir. And that the army and security withdraw from the city.

Security presence during the day:

Security forces were deployed in Aleppo road and in large numbers they surrounded Al-Sendyana neighborhood. There was raised deployment of security at all of the checkpoints-barricades around the city. The checkpoints-barricades prevented people and cars from going to Al-Shuhada square and the cemetery. The street was fully emptied of the general public. At Mesraba Bridge security buses were stationed. Activist heard the sound of a powerful explosion in Al-Quwatli Street at midnight.

Arrests and poisoning:

4 people were arrested, they were blindfolded and forced to drink an unidentified liquid before they were released, and they suffered terrible pain causing holes in the stomach.

Featured Videos:

Firing at the funeral procession of Ziad Taha

Victim and child Ayman Majoun–tPje6k

Victim Umar Khriash, 71 years old

One of the wounded

The huge attendance in the martyrs’ funeral procession of victim Zian Taha

Security forces were spread in an attempt to prevent the funeral procession of victim Ziad Taha

Holding the funeral procession of victim Ziad Taha, despite heavy security presence

The funeral prayer for victim Ziad Taha

Security presence

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