Douma City | Summary of Events |Monday, June 11, 2012

The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City

A summary and videos of events


Monday, June 11, 2012

Casualties and wounded:

the victim Bassam Shikhbakry/40 years old/ was shot dead by Al-Assad forces near his home.

Because of heavy shelling on Douma today, Many injured were reported including a whole family, father, mother and four children.

A child/10 years old/ was seriously injured in her head by a mortar shell shrapnel.

Assad's forces heavily shelled  several districts in Douma by tanks and mortar shelling. Heavy machine gunfire rained down on homes. Several explosions rocked the city.

Assad's forces lunched raid and arrest campaigns, and  used detainees as human shields.


Statistics on casualties and damage in Douma since the beginning of revolution:

The victims: 225 martyrs including 30 children, and 7women.

Material damage:

Full Demolish: 12 houses  and Two archaeologist buildings.

Partial Demolish: 100 houses. 1 mosque. 1 school. Animal sheds

Fires: 3 houses. A commercial market consisting of 12 shops. 18 shops in Al-Jalaa street.

Looting and breaking: 266 houses and shops.

The value of damage: 720275000 Syrian Pounds

About Douma Revolution

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