Douma City | Summary of Events | Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City

A summary and videos of events


Thursday, June 28, 2012


Douma came under the regime fierce shelling.  A massacre committed by the regime militia in Douma city. After continual shelling that lasted for hours, the regime troops perpetrated a massacre by killing a family of ten while looking for a shelter. The total number of victims is fifty one and more than one hundred civilians were injured. Some  peaceful citizens were extra judicially executed by Al-Assad forces in their homes.

The regime army stormed the city in the early morning amid intensive gunfire followed by mortar shelling. The city was in a state of real war in which all kinds of weaponry were used. Helicopters hovered at low latitude and shelled the resident’s houses randomly. Consequently, dozens of houses got burned and others were destroyed. The city was deprived from power due to heavy shelling. It was said that a new kind of rocket was used when the residents heard strange explosions.  Many neighborhoods were destroyed entirely. All necessities of life, electricity, water food, and means of communications were something the people were forced to live without. The city was closed as well. Many families were in a state of horror inside shelters and had to keep there because of the heavy shelling.


Highlighted Videos:

The victim Samer AL-Sataleh was killed by Al-Assad forces shelling. Thursday, June 28.2012

The victim Mouhamad Khier AL-Manfoosh was killed in shelling attack on the city

The victim Emaad AL-Deen AL-Mdawar was killed by Al-Assad forces shelling

The victim Mouhamad Khdier was killed due to heavy shelling, Thursday, 28June,2012

The victim Mouhamad AL-Hweish was killed due to Al-Assad forces shelling


أعلى النموذج




أسفل النموذج

Shelling Homes in Douma. Thursday, June28, 2012

Douma/June 28.2012 Mortar shells falling over residential houses

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