Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report |Saturday 27, 2013

Revolutionary Command Council in DamascusSuburbs | Daily Report
Saturday 27, 2013

Forty–two civilians were killed in rural Damascus this Saturday.

Artoz:Assad forces launched assault raids in the town arresting some civilians andburning homes and shops.

Douma:Assad forces shelled residential areas with rocket launchers  while regime warplanes hovered over the city. Severalcivilians were killed and many others injured when a surface-to-surface missilefell near a Gas station.

Azzabadani:Assad forces shelled the city with heavy artillery.

Yabroud:Several shells fell on Rima region while sounds of intermittent tank shelling were heard.

Daryyah:Six civilians were killed by Assad forces amid fierce regime rocket and artillery shelling on residential areas. The FreeSyrian Army continue to clash with Assad forces at several fronts.

MuadamyyatAsham: Assad forces fiercely shelled residential areas targeting homes, mosquesand schools causing massive devastation while regime warplanes hovered over thecity.

Harasta:Fierce mortar and rocket launcher shelling launched by Assad forces on the citykilling a girl.  

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