Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report
Thursday, May 2, 2013

Twelve residents were killed across the suburban area this Thursday.

Al’abadah and Alqaisa:  Regime forces launched three aerial raids with MiG fighter jets targeting residential areas with clusters bombs.  Four surface-to-surface missiles also fell down on the area.  The Free Syrian Army cashed with Assad forces attempting to invade the town and destroyed a BMB vehicle.  Residents denied all news reporting the fall  of Alqaisa under the control of regime forces.

Almarj area (Alqaisa, Alqasmiya, Azzamaniya, Almansoora, Alkhamsiya, Al’etaiba and Al’abada):  Regime forces targeted the area with rocket, mortar and artillery shelling in an attempt to invade Alqaisa and Al’abada.  Two residents were killed in Alkhamsiya and Albahariya and dozens were wounded, some critically, during the attacks.

Almlaiha:  Assad forces launched six aerial raids targeting the farms with rocket and gunfire.  Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian army and regime forces resumed in the vicinity of Thameco roadblock.  The FSA managed to destroy a T62 tank and targeted the posts of Assad militias with locally made bombs.  

Bait Jin:  Regime forces dispatched pro Assad militias supported by tanks to the area and targeted the town with rocket shelling. Intermittent clashes between the Free Syrian army and Assad forces took place in the vicinity of Bait Jin.  The FSA managed to destroy a tank during the clashes.

Harasta:  Fierce rocket and mortar shelling targeted the western side of the highway killing one resident, wounding more than 20 others and forcing hundreds of families to flee their homes.  Furthermore, regime forces dropped GPS receivers on the cities and towns of Eastern Ghoota to help them determine their targets.  The GPS receivers and satellites were made in France.

Ashaifoonia and Arrehan:  At least ten rockets rained down on Ashaifoonia, Arrehan and farms.

Anneshabia:  Rocket shelling targeted the town during the evening hours.

Dareyya and Mu’addamiyyat Asham:  Regime forces continued to besiege Dareyya and Mu’addamiyyat Asham for 171 days in a row, dispatched military reinforcements to the area and shelled homes.

Zamalka:  Systematic rocket, mortar and artillery shelling targeted the Zamalka and surrounding towns.

Saqba:  Mortar shelling targeted the city.

‘Aadraa:  The 14th regiment stationed in Alqutaifa targeted ‘Adraa as well as the cities and towns of Eastern Ghoota with artillery shelling.

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