Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report Saturday , May 25, 2013

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Satuday , May 25, 2013

Twenty six civilians were killed in Damascus suburbs this Saturday.

Harasta: Assad forces shelled the city with all kinds of weapons amid fierce clashes with the Free Syrian Army . Several regime soldiers were killed and injured during the clashes.

Wadi Barada: Assad forces continued to shell and besiege several areas. Makeshift hospital were full of injured civilians amid severe shortage in medical treatment . Residents lack power and all forms of communications.

Bait Jinn: A civilian was killed and dozens others injured during fierce regime shelling on the village. A huge military forces gathered in Harfa village in attempt to storm into Bait Jinn village amid power and communication cut.  

Azzabadani : Dozens of shells fell on residential areas. The city lacks power and all means of communications as well as severe shortage in medical treatment while the  number of injured civilians  rose day after day.

Babila,  Yalda and Bait Sahim: Several civilians were injured as Assad forces shelled residential areas with heavy artillery and mortar.

Evening Highlight:

Athiabyyah: A father and his two-year-old child were killed and several civilians were injured during Hizballah militia shelling on residential areas.

Alqtaifeh: A Scud missile fired towards the northern Syrian territories.  

Yabroud: Assad forces resumed artillery and rocket launcher shelling on Assinaah and Alqaah districts.

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