Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report
Friday, May 31, 2013

Fifty five residents were killed across the suburban area this Friday; Qatana 19. Harasta 16, Jisreen 2, Kafr Batana, 2, Hamoria 2, Douma 2, Deir Attiyah 2, Alhumaira 1, Bait Sahim 1, Madyara, 1, Arkabiah 1, Bait Saber 1, Al’aabadah 1, Alboida 1, ‘Erbeen 1, Zebdeen 1 and Jairood 1.

Harasta: Regime forces continued to target the city with shelling amid fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Hezbollah fighters near the 41st regiment west of the Freeway. Thirteen citizens were killed during the ongoing shelling attacks and clashes.

Qatana: Nineteen residents were tortured to death in the regime’s detention centers. The victims families were notified to visit the interrogation department in Alqaboon Branch.

Mu’addamiyyat Ashaam: Regime militiamen stationed on Al’araba’aeen Freeway shot and seized a woman and all her children. Several residents were also wounded during shelling by the 4th Division on the city.

Almlaiha: Regime warplanes equipped with machine guns targeted the region with gunfire, bombs and rockets while regime forces on the ground launched rocket shelling on the city. Billows of smoke filled the vicinity of Thameco Plant as a result. Clashes between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and regime forces also resumed this Friday. The FSA continued to besiege regime forces stationed in Thameco Plant.

Eastern Ghoota: Unprecedented regime rocket shelling and aerial bombardment targeted Kafr Batana, Hamoria, Douma, Saqba, Jisreen, Zamalka, Harasta and the outskirts of Misraba. The attacks led to the death of two children from the same family in kafr Batna, one resident in Hamoria and several in Douma. Several residents including children were also wounded during the attacks on Hamoria, Douma, Saqba and jisreen; many are in critical condition.

Aderkhbiah: A surface-to-surface missile has targeted the town’s farmlands rocking the entire region. No injuries have been reported.

Azzabadani: Warplanes flew heavily over the city while fierce shelling targeted the districts. The shelling mainly targeted the makeshift hospital and the city’s mosques during and after Friday’s prayers.

Bait Sahim: Intense clashes between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and regime forces occurred in the town amid fierce heavy-artillery and mortar shelling launched by Assad forces on residential areas. Two minarets were targeted with B10 shells during the attacks.

Alqalamoon: At least five aerial raids targeted the liberated areas in ‘Anuba Valley.

Zamalka: Assad forces launched rocket and mortar shelling on the town causing colossal damage to residential buildings. Two aerial raids also targeted residential areas as residents were leaving the mosques at the end of Friday’s prayers. Clashes between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and regime forces occurred on the southern bypass.

Evening Highlights:
Assayda Zainab: The 58th brigade targeted the city’s districts with fierce shelling.
Yabrood: Rocket shelling targeted Reema setting properties on fire.
Annabek: The 18th brigade launched artillery shelling on the western outskirts.
Sahil: Rocket shelling targeted the town.

Demonstrations mobilized in Douma, Saqba, Dareyya and ‘Erbeen.

للإنضمام لفريق الترجمة في تنسيقية مدينة دوما يرجى ملء هذه الإستمارة عبر الرابط

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