Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report
Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Seventeen residents were killed in rural Damascus this Tuesday; Babbeela 3, Deir Salman 2, Athiyabiyah 2, Yelda 2,  Wafra 1, Hazza 1, Alqasimiyah 1, Kafr Batna 1, 'Artooz 1, Latakia 1 (killed in Dumair), and Jobar 1 (killed in Douma.)

Mu'addamiyyat Ashaam:  Hezbollah fighters set farmlands on fire  while regime forces launched fierce and systematic shelling on the city targeting residential areas with tanks, artillery and rocket launchers.  As a result, dozens of residents were wounded during the attacks, mostly women and children. The Free Syrian Army (FSA) managed to liberate a checkpoint controlled by Hezbollah fighters, killed seven regime and Hezbollah fighters and damaged a regime tank.

Azzabadani:  MiG fighter jets launched four aerial raids on the city wounding dozens of residents while regime forces on the ground targeted residential areas with tank and heavy-artillery shelling.

The Southern Bypass:  Regime forces launched four aerial raids on 'Erbeen-Zamalka and 'Erbeen-Harasta roads and shelled the sides of the bypass near Zamlaka and Alqaboon with heavy artillery. Meanwhile, massive explosions and fierce gun battles were  heard near Jobar and Barzzah. 

Babbeela:  Regime forces targeted the town with fierce mortar shelling killing three residents and wounding several others.

Bait Sahim:  Regime mortar shelling targeted the town.   Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Assad forces supported by Hezbollah fighters occurred on the freeway leading to Damascus International Airport.

Yelda and Hajeerat Albalad:  Assad forces targeted both towns with fierce rocket and mortar shelling.

Jisreen:  Regime rocket shelling led to the injury of several citizens and caused damage to residential buildings.

Almliaha:  Gun battles between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and regime forces occurred near Thameco Plant.

Alqalamoon:  Fierce heavy-artillery shelling targeted several areas in the region.

Flaita (near the Lebanese borders):  The 18th brigade targeted the town with artillery shelling.

Attal:  Regime artillery shelling targeted the city.

Ashaifoonia:  Assad forces launched shelling on residential areas wounding several residents and destroying homes.

Dareyya:  The 4th Division and Assad forces stationed at checkpoints targeted the city with tank shelling.

Evening Highlights:
Athiyabiyah:  Two citizens were killed during regime artillery shelling on the town.

Rankoos:  Fierce heavy-artillery shelling targeted the outskirts and the town’s farmlands.

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