Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report
Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fifteen citizens were killed in rural Damascus this Tuesday; Madyara 2, Mu'addamiyyat Alqalamoon 2, Douma 2, Mu'addamiyyat Ashaam 1, Maidaa 1, Albahdaliya 1, Alhusseiniyah Refuge Camp 1, Yelda 1, Annabek 1, Attal 1, Damascus 1 (killed in Saidnaya prison) and Alqunaitira 1( killed in Albahdaliya.)

MiG fighter jets launched aerial attacks on the suburban area as well as the capital’s southern districts while regime forces on the ground targeted the area with surface-to-surface missiles, rocket launchers,  tank, heavy artillery and mortar shelling from ten different locations.  At least 1500 shells rained down on the area within the past 70 hours.  Furthermore, regime forces mobilized large troops supported supported by tanks, heavy machinery in addition to Hezbollah and Abu Alfadel Brigade’s fighters in an attempt to invade the region from thirteen different points.  The humanitarian condition continues to deteriorate as more than 120,000 residents suffer severe shortage in medications and medical equipments, and lack bread, floor, vegetables, power and all forms of communication. The residents also fear new massacres as there is no safe exit from the area.

Athiyabiyah and Alhussieniyah Refugee Camp:   The Fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) invaded Khomeini Hospital and a nearby gas station where Hezbollah and Abu Alfadel Brigade's fighters were stationed.  The Free Syrian Army (FSA) killed three fighters and wounded several others during the attack.  However, one FSA fighter was also killed.  The Free Syrian Army (FSA)  managed to destroy a bulldozer attempting to open an access for besieged regime forces and  Abu Alfadal Brigade's fighters  stationed in Albahdaliya.  At least 250 shells rained down on Athiyabiyah, Albahdaliya and Alhusseiniyah Refugee Camp, killing on resident and wounding more than 25; several are critical condition.

Almlaihah:  Surveillance planes hovered over the town while fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces took place near Thameco building and Annur checkpoint.  Unprecedented rocket shelling targeted surrounding farms killing one FSA fighter.

Douma, 'Adraa and Harasta:  Mortar and heavy artillery shelling targeted residential areas.

Alqalamoon:  Fierce rocket and artillery shelling targeted Efra and MT Halboon.

Dareyya:  Regime tank shelling targeted the western quarter.

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