Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report
Thursday, June 20, 2013

Twenty residents were killed in rural Damascus this Thursday; Attal 5, Rass A'aain 2, Harasta 2, Huraira 2, Douma 1, Jdaidet 'Artooz 1,'Aaqraba 1, Al'abadah 1, Hafeer Foqa, Bakh'aa 1, 'Erbeen 1, Bait Sahim 1 and Idlib 1 (killed in Alqalamoon.)

Athiyabiyah:  Regime forces targeted the town with fierce tank and artillery shelling while a large number of regime tanks and military machinery were seen on Damascus International Airport Highway.
Free Syrian Army (FSA) called for more FSA troops to support the fighters in Athiyabiyah, Assiyda Zainab and Alhusseiniyah Refugee Camp.  Clashes between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and pro-regime foreign Shiite fighters (Abu Elfadl Alabbas Brigade and Hezbollah fighters ) took place in Athiyabiyah and Albahdaliyah’s outskirts.

Huraira:  Assad forces targeted the town with artillery shelling, killing two children and wounding a number of others.

Hazza:  Regime forces shelled the town with rockets and heavy artillery for four days in a row, wounding several residents and causing colossal damage to residential buildings.

Kafr Batna:  Fierce shelling targeted the town, setting several homes on fire.

Douma:  Assad forces shelled the city with mortar and rocket launchers.

Almlaiha:  Surveillance planes hovered over the city while regime mortar shelling targeted Annur checkpoint and the vicinity of Thameco Plant amid clashes between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and regime forces.

Bait Saber, Bait Teema and Kafr Hor:  Assad forces launched vicious assault and detention raids on the area, detained more then 300 residents including women and elderly, and let them to the Military Security Branch in Sa'aSa'a.  Regime forces extra judicially executed five residents in Bait Saber and two refugees from Mu'addamiyyat Ashaam and Bait Jin in kafr Hor during the attacks.

Khan Asheeh:  A ten-year-old girl was killed during regime shelling on an UNRWA school housing several refugee families. The victim’s family fled their home in Drosha and has being living in the school for several months.

Zamalka:  Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and regime forces occurred o the Southern Bypass between Zamalka, Jobar and Alqaboon.  Regime forces stationed on the town’s outskirts, Mt Qasioun and Alabbasiyoon Stadium targeted the town with fierce mortar, tank and heavy artillery shelling, wounding several residents.

Azzabadani:  Fierce regime shelling resumed against residential areas, killing a woman and wounding two more residents.

للإنضمام لفريق الترجمة في تنسيقية مدينة دوما يرجى ملء هذه الإستمارة عبر الرابط

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