Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report | Sunday, June 23, 2013

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

Sunday, June 23, 2013 

Thirty two civilians were killed in Damascus Suburbs this Sunday.

Zamalka: Five civilians died  and thirty others suffered symptoms of chemical substances as Assad forces shelled the city with chemical weapons. Several explosions rocked the city while fierce clashes took place  between Assad forces and the Free Syrian Army amid regime heavy artillery and rocket launcher shelling on residential areas.    


Athyabyyiah: Intermittent clashes occurred between the Free Syrian Army and pro-regime militias of Hizbollah and Abu Elfadl Alabbas Brigade (foreign Shiite fighters) coupled with regime artillery and mortar shelling on residential areas. Water, fuel, power and communications were cut amid severe shortage in food and medical supplies.

Alqalamoun: Regime rocket and mortar shells rained down on several areas in the region.  

Douma: Three unidentified victims were found extra judicially executed by Assad forces near Alaatleh regime checkpoint.   

Alqutaifeh: Two rockets fell on the 14th regiment causing large fire followed by intense gunfire. A rocket also fell on Azzaitoun Street.  

Bait Sahim: Fierce regime shelling targeted the town causing massive devastation of residential buildings and burning two homes, as a result, billows of smoke filled the sky.

Southern Rural Area: Regime artillery shelling targeted Hajjirah Albalad and Assaidah Zainab.

Adra: Billows of smoke filled the sky as a result of regime mortar shelling on the town.

Azzabadani: Assad forces continued to shell the city  targeting displaced people areas. A school was particularly targeted in the shelling attacks sparking large fire inside it.  

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