The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City February,14, 2014

The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City 

Ground Situation and the most important videos on the Friday of


" Russia is a killing partner not a peace mediator "



Fields Events:



Today the city has witnessed  bombardment with mortars and submachine gun 23 mm from the mountain side at  the same time with the flight of reconnaissance aircrafts also MiGs Launched four seperated raids at Eastern Ghota outskirts  of the city after intensive flight in its sky while people came out in demonstrations acclaiming against Russia and making her responsibility for the crimes in Syria with  Alassad and demanding Loosen the siege of the city.




The most important videos:

Chemical is not only what killing us




About Douma Revolution

طردنا من قبل فرنسا وغدا سنطرد آل الأسد
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