The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City February,21, 2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos at Friday 21/2/2014



Today Martyrs :


 1 – The hero martyr Ammar Tubjee who martyred on one of the East Ghouta fronts .



2 – Martyr Adnan Yassin Khabbaz (Abu Khaled), who martyred on 21-2-2014


3 – Martyr Ghiath Adnan Khabbaz who martyred today 21-2-2014


4 – Martyr Nasser Mohammad Abdullah martyred in the regime's prisons , who was Palestinian lived in Douma.


5 – Martyr Mohammed Najjar named (Abu Ali bird) 2014-2-21 .


– Burying of the martyrs Adnan Yassin Khabbaz (Abu Khalid) and his son Adnan Ghiath Khabbaz who were killed today 21-2-2014



Field Incidents:


Douma witnessed heavy shelling of mortars followed by flying of war aircrafts (MIG), then there were flying of air reconnaissance and cannon shelling simultaneously. After that, there was a return of war aircraft (MiG) .



The most important videos:


Live Broadcast _ Friday sermon from a mosque in East Ghouta 21/2/ 2014


Live broadcast of the Friday sermon from a mosque in the East Ghouta by Deir ez-Zor channel .


Demonstration in Douma cheering for Qalmon . 2014 /2 /21 .


#‏بث_مباشر | 2014/2/21 خطبة الجمعة من أحد مساجد الغوطة الشرقية

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