The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City Saturday 22/3/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos at Saturday 22/3/2014




Today Martyrs :




1 – The child martyr Muhammad Rais martyred due to the lack of medicine.


2 – The child martyr Aisha  Juma`a martyred due to  the lack of medicine.


3 – The hero martyr Mahrous Alsaour (Abu Mohammed)


4 –  The child martyr Maher Al Kadi "the day before yesterday"






Field Incidents:




Regime forces shelled the city with canons 23 . The war aircrafts  also flied in the sky of East Gouta and launched two raids over Maliha Town .



The most important videos:




_ The traces of destruction as a result of shelling with Fozdhika mortars in the city 22/3/2014


_ A distinguished Promo  on the occasion of  Mother Day .


_Challenging and steadfastness of Douma civilians"  hunger and not humiliation" in the ( Dismissing the head of coalition ) Friday  21 /3/2 014


_Martyrs Khaled , Safa  and Marwa  Al -soatri


_The traces of  bombing on civilian homes by war aircrafts  21 32 014


_ Traces of the destruction caused by the bombing on the city 22 32 014




The most important photos:



The marks of the destruction caused by the bombing by regime forces on the city.




About Douma Revolution

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