The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City Friday 28/3/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos on Friday which called ( Urgent Call for Liberating the Coast ) 28/3/2014



 Today Martyrs :




1 – Martyr Abdo Abdel-Hamid Elyan .



2 – The martyr hero Hamza Elyan .



3 – Martyr Mayssam Majid Al -wazeer died as a result of the lack of medicine in Douma .



4 – Unknown martyr .



Field Incidents :




_Today the free citizens have come out in demonstrations calling for liberating the coast  and they have saluted free army . 

_ Regime forces targeted  the city with mortars that led to fall several wounded while warplanes were flying in the sky. In addition to , several injures reached to the medical centers from Harasta City as a result of the shelling by regime's forces with poisonous gases causing six martyrs and a large number of injuries.



The most important videos:




Demonstration by the city civilians on Friday called "Call for Liberating the Coast" 28/3/2014



Besieged  Douma| | Important –  Air raid by the Assad war aircrafts "MIG" over the outskirts of the city 28/03/2014



Prayer and burying the child martyr Mayssam  Majid Al-wazeer .



Douma Coordination : traces of destruction due to the last bombing over neighborhoods and houses 28/3/2014 .



Mortar shells  near the photographer.


Shelling with  mortars on the city .

About Douma Revolution

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