The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City Saturday 29/3/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos on Saturday 29/3/2014


 Field Incidents :




The regime forces targeted the city with mortars from the  suburb  yesterday evening , which led to the fall of number of wounded . Meanwhile, the United Nations and UNICEF entered  into Douma   and offered  little  amount of aids  to  people today .



The most important videos :



UNICEF and the United Nations Orgnisation intered  to East Gouta . 29 \ 3 \ 2014



Iinterview with the UN envoy  and  the supervisor of bringing aids into East Gouta



Some aid parcels were brought by the United Nations to East Gouta 29/3/2014



Wander by  the delegation of the United Nations and the Red Crescent inside the areas of besieged  East Gouta . 29/03/2014



The entrance of East Gouta was targeted with missile before the  entering of  the UN delegation shortly . 03/29/2014



The first moments of entering of the UN delegation inside East Gouta .



The traces of the destruction caused by the last bombing over the city . 29/3/2014  .





About Douma Revolution

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