The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City Monday 31/3/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos on Monday 31/3/2014

Today Martyrs  :




1 – Martyr Yassin Mustafa Al-Halabi who was martyred by a sniper in Al-wafdeen Camp .



2 -Martyr  Adnan Yassin Khabaz ( Abu Khalid ) martyred  on 21.2.2014



3 – Martyr  Mohammad Zahr (Abu Zaid) , who was martyred on the Eskan  suburb front  .



Field incidents :




War aircrafts and reconnaissance planes flew above  East Gouta and tried to execute  raids , but anti-ground weapons obsessed  them  at the same time  with shelling of heavy mortar and rocket launchers  which targeted the city.



The most important videos :




+18 : a gift to the all world – two month old infant  crying of pain after being  injured by shrapnels of the  heavy shelling



Monitoring the bombing upon the city and the  smoke  rising from one of the houses . 31/3/2014



The traces of the destruction caused by the last bombing on  neighborhoods and houses 31/3/2014 .



Heavy shelling on the outskirts of the city 31/3/2014 .



The most important photos:




Smoke rising due to the  mortar shelling on Douma City recently  . 


About Douma Revolution

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