The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City Thursday 3/4/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos on Thursday 3/4/2014 :

 Today Martyrs :




1 – The child Martyr Doua`a Sayed  died due to the lack of food and medicine.


2 – The hero martyr  Zuhair Munir Qalesh , who martyred on the front of Jobar Town .


3 – The hero martyr Mohammad Hamed (Abo Kasem) , who martyred on the front of Mlaiha Town .


Field Incidents :




Today,The regime forces launched two air raids by MIG aircraft  after the massive flying on East Gouta causing extensive destruction of property , followed by shelling with mortars on the place of the raids ,this led to the falling of several  injuries. The city also has been targeted by artillery. Besides, clashes sounds were heard from the outskirts of the city yesterday evening .


The most important videos :




The moment of executing the raid and throwing missiles by war aircrafts on the city .


Targeting the city with air raids after a day of massacres in Ghota 03/04/2014


The first raid on the city


A huge destruction resulting of targeting the residential buildings with tow raids by war aircrafts  . 03/04/2014


http ://


The raid place, which regime aircraft  has launched on the city.


Violent air raid by war aircrafts as a series of burning and destructing the East Gouta .


Tow unknown martyrs  . 02/04/2014


The most important photos:




The traces of the destruction caused by bombing of warplanes on Douma City .


The moment of the second raid on the city .




About Douma Revolution

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