The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City Wednesday 2/4/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos on Wednesday 2/4/2014 :


Today Martyrs :




1 – The hero martyr Hashim Ali Al-Dura, who was martyred on the outskirts of the Maliha Town .



2 – Marcel Khalife martyred due to  the torture in the regime  prisons , after he was lost  in  Duma  at Misraba checkpoint  on 29/9/2012.



3 – Martyre  Hassan khanchur



4 – The hero martyr  Jihad Yassin Ghanimeh (abo Yassin) who was killed on the outskirts of Malih Town .



5 – Khalil Saeed Abdullah who was martyred by a sniper  in Al-Wafdeen Camp .



6 – Unknown Martyr Killed by a sniper in Al-Wafdeen Camp



7 –  The child martyr Hashim Hamo  who was injured a year and a half  ago ,as a result of the bombing and martyred today due to the lack of medicine.



8 – Martyr Amina Al-bbo was shot by a  Al wafdeen Camp sniper.



Field Incidents:




Regime forces shelled the city with  heavy-caliber mortars and  machine guns of 14.5 mm .War aircraft and reconnaissance planes also flew  over  East Gouta and launched 13 raids on different towns while artillery  shelling targeted  Adra Town and  Labor Adra .



The most important videos:




Violent air raid by Bashar al-Assad war airceafts "MIG" 02/04/2014



Air raid and the moment of dropping a rocket by MIG  followed by raising smoke from  Maliha orchards . 


About Douma Revolution

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