The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City Friday 4/4/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos on Friday called :" Completing the Coast Victories " . 4/4/2014






Today Martyrs :




1 – Martyr Khalid  Bassam Sheikh Kasair.



2 – Martyr Diaa Nesrin Abu Mohammad, who martyred on the front  of Mlaiha .



3 – Martyr  Ali Kasir .



4 – Martyr Amjad Diab Pkria  as a result of the air raid on the Martyrs' Square (Shuhda`a Square ) .



5 – The child martyr Wael Rateb Dahir  martyred as a result of the air raid on the Shuhda`a Square .



6 – Martyr Mohammad Bashir Srur ( Abu Hussam ) who killed on the front of Mlaiha .



7 – Martyr Mohamed Khair Saeed  Sisan martyred on the front of Mlaiha .



8 – Martyr Samer Sadeek ( Abu Malik ) killed in the battles at the outskirts of  Adra Town  .



9 – Martyr Basil Mustafa Bakdunsi  martyred on the front of  Mlaiha .



10 – Martyr Abdul Latif Haj Hamidi ( Abu Ali Al Hamri ) , who was martyred on the front of Mlaiha .



11 -The hero martyr Mohammad Diab Pkria Abu Fahad called ( Khal ) the leader of Douma Martyrs Brigade (Liwa`a Shuhda`a Douma) , who was killed on the front of Mlaiha .



12 – Unknown martyr .


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13 –  The second unknown martyr , who killed on the front of Mlaiha .



14 – Martyr Rateb Diab Omar  .



15 – Martyr Badr al-Deen al-Hajeh .



16 – The third unknown martyr ,who martyred on the front  of Mlaiiha



17 – The fourth unknown martyr ,who martyred due to the air raid on the city .



18 – Martyr Ahmed Darwish, who died on 2/4//2014



19 – Martyr Subhi kahlus ( Abu Hossam ) .



Field Incidents :




The regime forces  have been shelling the city  by aircraft MIG today Friday morning the following day consecutively. They also launched two air raids at the same time with the falling of several mortars  on the city , which led to a massacre causing  more than five martyrs and forty wounded , including  women and children , some of them are in dangerous cases .In addition to, the widespread destruction of houses, shops and properties .




The most important videos :




Farewell the child martyr Wael Rateb Daher 4/4/2014 .



Child  was injured by aircrafts shelling  cries of pain and says:" Oh Daaad  " … 04/04/2014



Five martyrs who were killed due to the raid, and the talk of the man who enshrouds .   4/4/2014 .



Our children are the victims of  the Bashar Assad regime treachery and the vindictive upon Ghota 04/04/2014



A violent  air raid by war aircrafts on the  residential neighborhoods in the city . 04/04/2014



A raid of war aircraft on the city 4/4/2014 .



One of the massacre Martyrs ,which committed by the terrorist regime against the people in Douma City . 4/4/2014 .



Air raid, which executed  by regime forces on the city on Friday morning .



Rescuing the wounded  / The  Medical Office/ raid by warplanes on the city .4/4/2014



The massacre that committed by the terrorist  Assad's forces against the people of Douma City . 4/4/2014



A little infant  was injured by the raid of war aircrafts on the city recently .04/04/2014



The massive destruction caused by the raid, which led to the falling of martyrs and wounded . 04/04/2014



The most important photos:




Photos of  the shelling victims on the city on 04/04/2014



The funeral of the martyrs who fell today due to the raid .



The traces of destruction  after the raid  by war aircrafts today . 


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