The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma on Friday 11/4/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos , Friday  called : "Save Aleppo "11/4/ 2014

 Today Martyrs  :




1 – Martyr Yasseen Hassaba martyred at the Front of Mlaiha.



Field Incidents :



Regime forces targeted the city with machine guns 23 mm , mortars and Fozdika shells, while war aircrafts flew over the city and launched  an air raid on  Adra  City.



The most important videos :




Difficulty in botteling drinking water by people under siege 11/04/2014



Douma | Heavy shelling on the city and targeting the Martyrs Grand Mosque by  missiles launchers .11/04/2014



Human call for  merchants ,  the wealthy and  doctors who fled from Gouta and leaving the inhabitants to die under the siege .



Message from Gota children to the world " # savealghouta ".



Promo about a campaign under the emblem"  # savealghouta "




About Douma Revolution

طردنا من قبل فرنسا وغدا سنطرد آل الأسد
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