The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City Saturday 12/4/2014

Summary of the ground Situation and the most important videos on  Saturday 12/4/2014 :



Today Martyrs :


1 – Martyr Adnan Younis Khubeyah (Abu Hashim), martyred due to the  bombing on the city yesterday .


2 – Hashim Khubayeh martyred  after a bombardment on the city yesterday .


3 – Bushra Khubeyah martyred  due to the bombing on the city yesterday .


4 –  Kenana Khubeyah martyred as a result of  the bombing on the city yesterday .


5 –  Hayat  Slaik martyred due to the bombing on the city yesterday.


6 – Malik Mohammad Qashu, who was martyred on the Front of Mlaiha 10l4l2014 .


7 – Martyr Rana Othman lekka martyred due to the shelling on the city yesterday .


8 – Martyr  Mohammad Fayez Slaik , who was killed by a sniper at Al-Wafdeen  Camp .


Field Incidents:


Today ,the city had a flying of  war aircrafts. Besides ,  whole family martyred with a mortar shell fell on their house yesterday evening .


The most important videos:


12/4/2014 : Heavy rising of smoke from the towns of East Gouta


The remaining  of  destruction caused by the  last bombing on  residential areas  and houses 12/4/2014 .


The Sukiah Rahma Project  (Watering of Mercy ) in the besieged East Gouta .


The most important photos:


The Khubeyah  Family martyred last night. Today Martyrs : —————-

About Douma Revolution

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