The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Sunday 13/4/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos on Sunday 13/4/2014 :




Today Martyrs :


A– The martyrs who were killed as a result of  the air raid  by war aircrafts on the city :                                  

1- Martyr Rafika Adam ( Um Kasem Mkuky ) .

2- Child Martyr Mohammad Hashem Smadi .

3 – Martyr Abdullah Salim Taha

4 – Martyr Akram Ahmad Tumeh .

5 – Martyr Mohammad Haitham Kenjar Lahham .

6 – Unknown Martyr .

7 – Martyr  Adnan Mekeh( Abu Yasser) .

8 – Martyr Safa`a Tafur  .

9 -Unknown Martyr .

10 – Martyr Ghassan Fares Saab.

 11 – Child Martyr Bashir Dalati cited as a result of the blockade on the East Gouta

11 – The martyr fetous , the daughter of the martyr Safa`a Taffour, who was killed in her mother`s  womb .

12 – Martyr  Adnan Deeb Murjana .

13 – Martyr Ali Khalil Hatem .

14- Martyr Muneera Omar Yahya Soufi .

15 -Martyr Muhammad Abdel Munem .                                                                                               

B– 16-The Child Martyr Bashir Dalati died as a result of the siege on East Gouta .

Field Incidents :


 Assad `s gangs shelled  the city market  with vacuuam missels by war-aircrafts , which led to a horrible  massacre claimed the lives of 20 martyrs and lots of injured , most of them women and children. and spreading of body parts besides, lifting number of corpses from under the rubble. Meanwhile, the regime resumed  heavy shelling on the sites of the air raids  with mortars ,which led  to the fall of another  martyr child and more wounded.


The most important videos :


Tens of  injured in the  medical centers most of them women and children after the aircrafts raids .

The traces of destruction caused by the last  bombing as a result of  the savage campaig of Assad Forces .

A Very heavy shelling on the site of the air raid with missiles launchers   and mortars 13/4/2014.

The traces of  destruction caused by  bombing  of war-planes on the city . 13/4/2014

A man carrying  an arm of a woman .and  addressing a word  to the Arabs .

The massacre`s martyrs  after the heavy bombing of the air raids on  the city

 The wounded after the air raids . 13/4/2014

First images of the bombing on Douma recently  .13/04/2014

The moment of the air raid on  Douma and rescuing more than 8 injured . 13/4/2014

 +18 :Lifting a child  from  under the rubble of his home after the  savage bombing . 13/04/2014

Body-parts of the victims due to the bombing by war aircrafts on the city . 13/4/2014

One of the wounded children  as a result of air raids on the  center of the city .

The first raid on Duma 13 \ 03 \ 2014

 +18 : Searching for survivors among the rubble after the air raid .

Hurry of ambulances to the site of heavy bombardment . 13/4/2014

Martyr Safa`a Taffour and her foetus in addition to her son Hashim Smadi 13/4/2014

 +18 : Body-parts of a woman martyred  during the air raid . 13/4/2014


The most important photos:


 Succoring one of the wounded children  due to the air raid on  Douma City .

 Part of the wounded   due to the shelling .

The  martyrs of Douma City`s  massacre , who  fell due to the  air raid .

The traces of destruction  caused by the bombing of war-planes on  Douma City .


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