The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma City Monday 14/4/2014

Summary of the ground Situation and the most important videos on Monday 14/42014 :

 Today Martyrs  :


1 – Martyr Mohammad Saeed al-Khatib martyred today on one of the fronts of Gouta .


2 -Yasseen Sheikh Omar martyred in Adra Town .


3- Martyr Khaled Badran


4- Martyr Fatima Abdul Hamid Alsaaour


5 –  Martyr Ozo Dalwan shot by a sniper at Al-Wafdeen Camp .


6 –  Child  martyr Bashar Taha died due to the lack of food and medicine because of the siege  .


7 – Amal Nmer Taweel , born in Douma ,  martyred as a result of the air raid by war-planes yesterday


8 –  Mohamad Karim , born in  Douma ,  martyred due to the air raid yesterday .


9- Abdul Rahman Ahmad Toumeh martyred due to the raid by war aircrafts" yesterday ".


10- Hasan Rihan  martyred today as a result of the raid in the outskirts of the city .


Field Incidents :


Assad gangs shelled the city with mortars at the same time with flying of the aircrafts and  air reconnaissance and launched an air raid on the outskirts of the city which led to the fall of four martyrs .There were also two raids on Adra Town  while clashes  were heard  in the outskirts of the city .


The most important videos :


Promo about the  cases of malnutrition of children in Douma .


Douma | Lifting  martyrs from under the rubbles caused by targeting a crowded market  .13/04/2014 (+18 )


Pictures of some of  wounded children after the raids  by Assad's forces on the city .13/4/2014


First raid by war-planes on the city 13/4/2014 .


Searching for corpses or anyone still alive after the raid . i3/4/2014 .


Body-parts of a child martyr  and a fetus martyr  killed in her  mother `s womb  with  a missile .13/4/2014 (+18 )


A talk of one of the citizens  about the elections and the Arab rulers. 13/4/2014 .


The traces of destruction after air raid  on neighborhoods and houses.


Injured children after the raids on the city 13/4/2014 .


Second raid by warplanes on neighborhoods and houses .13 /4/2014 .


Douma : 14 /4/ 2014:  warplanes over East Gouta .


Douma massacre 13/4/2014 : tow raids led to a massacre of 20 martyrs


The evacuation teams remove the rubble from the destroyed areas searching for victims .


The site of  shelling  and the blood of wounded . 13/4/2014


Destroying  a wall by a team of evacuation  lest it should fall on civilians 13/4/2014 .

Crazy shelling on residential areas in the city after the massacre .


Burying  the martyrs ,13/4/214 :

1- Adnan Mirjana


2- Rafika Adam


3-Munira Soufi


4-Mohammad Abdel Monem


5- Safa`a Taffur , her fetus child and her son Muhammad Hashim Smadi


6- Amal Taweel


7- Ghassan Saab

Akram  Toumeh


The most important photos:


The traces of  destruction caused by the MiG war-planes yesterday ..


Yesterday`s Martyrs  as a result of  bombing of  MiG aircrafts .


Martyrs children Akram Ahmad Tomeh and Haitham Mohammed Smadi . 


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