The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Wednesday 16/4/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos on Wednesday 16/4/2014 : 

Today Martyrs :


1 –  Mohammad Hassan martyred by  a sniper  at Al-Wafdeen Camp.

2 – Martyr Omar Ibrahim Ward Sham

 3 – The hero martyr Mahmoud Hasan Alaya named (Abu Lail) ,who was martyred by a sniper at Al-Wafdeen Camp .

 4 – Mouyad Halawa martyred  as a result of the imposed siege on the city.

Field Incidents:


 Assad gangs  launched a raid by war aircrafts on a plantation in the outskirts of the city, which led to material  destructions and  houses were targeted with mortar shells leading to the burning one of them .Besides, there were violent clashes at Al-Wafdeen Camp .


The most important videos:


The moment of  the air raid on  Duma City  and rescuing  more than 8 injured . 13/4/2014

The hero martyr Mohammad Fares Jarkas .15/04/2014

Douma | a word from a civilian to Arab rulers from the raid site .16/04/2014

A wander  of  Coordination Union to Rahama Center for cancerous tumors in East Gouta

The mujahid martyr  Nour Munawwar .15/4//2014

Douma  | The moment of the violent air raid on the neighborhoods. 16/04/2014

Douma now | A raid  by MIG war-planes on residential neighborhoods. 16/4/2014

The most important photos:


The air raid on the outskirts of Douma ,which led to material damages .

Martyr Mohammad Fares Jarkas.

Rising of smoke due to the air raid on Duma City recently. 16/04/2014


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