The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Friday 18/4/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos on  Friday called : (Save Homs before it is Captured Lawlessly ) 18/4/2014

Field Incidents :




War-aircrafts flew over the city and East Gouta at the same time with a demonstration by civilians  supporting  Homs and the besieged cities and calling for rescue them . In addition to , regime's forces shelled  Douma with mortars violently from the Vehicle Management Building (Edaret Markabat Building ) yesterday evening  .



The most important videos :




Demonstration  by liberal  civilians  on Friday named : ( Save Homs before it is Snatched )



The first moments after the air raid on the main square of Mlaiha Town and there were injured  .18/4/2014



East Gouta 18/4/2014 : The moment of warplanes swooping towards  Maliha Town .



Douma : Many children died  and  medical centers  have been closed due to the  high cost of fuel .



Douma  : Demonstration in the Independent Day . 17/04/2014



The most important photos:




Demonstration by the city`s liberals in Douma . 18/04/2014

About Douma Revolution

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