The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Wedenesday 30/4/2014

Summary about the ground Situation and the most important videos on Wedenesday 30/4/2014 :



Today Martyrs  :




1 – Younes Kasseer  martyred as a result of heavy shelling yesterday .



2 -Martyr Mohammad  Hamasneh ( Abu Firas) , who was martyred in the clashes at Adra Town yesterday .



3 – Martyr Abu Bassam  Tabbakh .



4 – Child  Jafar Qadri  martyred due to the lack of food and medicine because of the  imposed  siege in East Gouta .



Field Incidents :




Today the city has witnessed shelling with mortars and  canons of 23 mm, at the same time with the flying of war and reconnaissance planes  over the city and East Gouta ,Besides violent clashes  were heard  from the city surroundings and Vehicle Management Building  (Idaret Markabat )  .



The most important videos :




Douma :Traces of destructions as a result of former  shelling  on neighborhoods and houses 30/4/2014



Douma 29/4/2014 : Burying   the martyr  Saleem Balleh .




About Douma Revolution

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