The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Monday 26/5/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos  on Monday 26/5/2014 :



Today Martyrs :


1 – The hero martyr Yasser Rashed Abu Ammar, who  martyred on one of Gouta Fronts .

2 – The hero martyr Ziad Mahmoud Chahoud.

Field Incidents:


Today the city has witnessed heavy shelling with mortars and artillery , which targeted residential neighborhoods . Mean while ,there were  a flying of reconnaissance and war planes over  East Gouta and launched several  raids.

The most important videos:


Targeting the  medic team in Douma  while they were succoring 26/5/2014 .

The moment of throwing missiles by warplanes on Maliha

East Gouta :  war raid on East Gouta towns 26/5/2014

The traces of  destruction caused by the last bombing on neighborhoods  26/5/2014

Heavy shelling by artillery on  Douma City  26/5/2014

Douma : shelling  with artillery  26/5/2014

Douma 25/5/2014:  burying the martyr Ziad Mahmoud Chahoud

The most important photos:


War-aircrafts launched several raids on the cities of East Gouta.

The moment of the fall of mortars and artillery on  Douma City.

Air  bombing during the unloading of UN convoys in  Douma yesterday.

About Douma Revolution

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