The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Sunday 15/6/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos  on Sunday 15/6/2014 :


 Today Martyrs :

The martyrs who were killed due to  the explosion of a bombed car


1 -Abdo Halboni  Abu Khalil .

 2 – The child martyr Hala Khaled kahloos .

 3 – Martyr Ilham Mohammed Hijazi .

4- Martyr  Kasem Bakkora

 5- Martyr Mohammed Ameen Mushawet .

6- Martyr Dia`a Swaidan .

 7- The hero martyr Abu Hisham Nabki .


 8- Martyr Ziad al-Badawi," was killed at his home by a sniper of the mountain two days ago.

 9-  Child martyr, "Ritage Tarazi " died  as a result of the lack of food and medicine  two days ago .

  10- The soldier martyr Anas Salah Al-Wazeer ( Abu Malik) , who was martyred in the regime prisons .

 11- Muhammad Ali Hamo (Abu Noor) martyred by a sniper at Al-Wafdeen  Camp.

 12- Martyr Sameer Al-Halabi, who was martyred on 11/06/2014


Field Incidents :


Today the city witnessed a  bombed car explosion in the popular market, which led to  fall a  large number of martyrs and wounded, including children, as well as, extensive destruction in buildings and property. Meanwhile,  war-aircrafts  were flying over East Gouta and launched two raids on Tal Kurdi .

The most important videos:


Old man from Douma City defies Bashar al-Assad and sends a message to the Arab and the West rulers .

Martyr Ammar Khashfeh Abu Maher 11/6/2014 .

The traces of destructions  after the car explosion in the city 15/6/2014

 Injured children as a result of the car explosion .

Fire  flames after a car bombing in the city 15/6/2014 .

The moment of the explosion of a  bombed car in the city center  near the photographer 15/6/2014

 Medical centers   filled with tens of injured as a result of the bombed car explosion 15/6/2014–4M1TA

One of  the children  talks about their suffering in Gouta .

Child Martyr Abdul Ghani Nesreen "yesterday."

Explosion of a bombed car in the popular market of Douma resulting many martyrs including  women and children

The first moments of a huge explosion in Douma claimed the lives of tens of children and women

The most important photos:


The first moments of the car bombing today

 Medical points fill with wounded due to the explosion of the car .

The rising smoke caused by the explosion of the car .

Martyr Ammar Khashfeh Abu Maher who was killed by a sniper at Al-wafdeen Camp last Wednesday  11/6/2014.

About Douma Revolution

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