The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Monday 30/6/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Monday 30/6/2014:


Today Martyrs :


1 – The hero martyr Bassam Al-Rayes, who was killed by Treacherous  Daash  with six of his friends , today .

 2 – Martyr child Ghufran Mshawet .

 3 – Child martyr  Aya Mshawet .

 4 –  Martyr Deeb  Abdo Kurdi .

 5 – Martyr Mohammed Nesreen .

 6 – Martyr Ibrahim Mahmoud Meekeh .

 7 – Martyr Hammoud Dakno (Abu-Jamal) ,yesterday.

8 – Martyr Rateb Mahmoud Younis (Abu Hisham) .

 9 – Martyr Hassan Qashu .

 10 – Martyr Iman Qashu .

Field Incidents:


The city  witnessed flying of  reconnaissance planes  then followed by heavy bombing with mortar shells targeted the  farms from nearby mountains in the area of Ras al-Ain and nearby areas of Al Assad suburb.

Receiving  seven bodies including  journalists , who were held at Daesh and they were deformed  as a result of severity of torture and they have been executed .

The most important videos:


Special – Syria Al-Ghad : Beginning of  ( Spring and Book ) Fair in East Gouta

Douma : heavy shelling with mortars on the  surrounding farms 30/6/2014

Douma : raid of war-aircrafts on the outskirts of the city

A word of one of Ghouta dignitaries during the funeral of one of media journalist after his death by the hands of Daesh

Prayers for the martyr Bassam Al-Rayes, who was killed by Al-Baghdadi  Gang in Douma and influential farewell .

The most important photos:


Smoke  rising caused by heavy shelling on the city with mortar shells recently ..

About Douma Revolution

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