The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Tuesday 1/7/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Tuesday 1/7/2014:



Today Martyrs :


1 – The hero martyr Hashim Mohammed Saeed al-Badawi, shot by a sniper at Al-Wafdeen Camp .


 2 – Child Martyr Tayseer Toumeh martyred due to his wounds after the car bombing.


 3 – The hero martyr Younes Abu Aisha killed in  Midaa Town  after violent clashes with Daesh Gang.


 4 – Martyr  Mohammed Eid Arabi killed by a sniper at Al-wafdeen Camp.


 5 – Martyr Bassam Saaour (Abu Al-Waleed ),yesterday.


 6 – Martyr Ayman Mohammed Abbas yesterday.


 7 – The hero martyr Khaled Mohammed Barakat, who was martyred in  Midaa Town after violent clashes with Daesh gang .


 8 – Martyr Ahmed Khaled  Krayem (Abu Mahmoud) martyred by Daesh.


9 – The hero martyr Mohammad Muwaffaq  Abdul Aziz  (Abu Mowaffak) killed by Daesh.


10 – Hero martyr Ahmad Basheer Dawood (Abu Basheer) martyred by the hands of Daesh.


11 -The child martyr Anas Mohammad al-Najjar , who was born in 2005, died as a result of his wounds after the car bombing .


Field Incidents:


Rregime forces targeting  city farms  with five strikes through war-aircrafts , as well as , number of people martyred by the gangs of al-Baghdadi.


The most important videos:


Douma : Rising of smoke as a result of five raids by al-Assad war-aircrafts


The most important photos:


Smoke rising due to the  air raids of MEG  that targeted  the city farms.


The traces of severe damage caused by the bombed car explosion  in Douma   few days ago .

About Douma Revolution

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