The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Tuesday 8/7/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Tuesday 8/7/2014:

Today Martyrs :


1 – Martyr Abdul Rahman Durra.

2 – The hero martyr Abu Muhammad Haroun, who was martyred with  a bombing  sticker placed under chair in his car at Saqba Town .

Field Incidents:


War-aircrafts and reconnaissance planes flew over the city and  East Gouta. In addition to , Sheikh Khalid Taffour was targeted with IED (improvised explosive device) placed at the bottom of his car but he survived without being hit by hurt.

The most important videos:


 Air raid on  Maliha Town 08/07/2014

Smoke rising as a result of raids by  Assad  war-aircrafts  8/7/2014

 Failed attempt by criminals to assassinate Sheikh Khaled Taffour Abu Suleiman 8/7/2014

The most important photos:


 Failed attempt to assassinate Sheikh Khaled Taffour through IED (improvised explosive device ),which was put under his car .

About Douma Revolution

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