The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Wednesday 16/7/2014

<strong>Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Wednesday 16/7/2014:</strong>


Today Martyrs :


1 – The young martyr Mohammad  Shaikh Abu Ali.

2 – Martyr Khaled  Rajab Dalati  Abu Fares martyred because of shelling on the city.

3 – Martyr Mohammad Khaled Tellawy.

Field events:


Regime forces bombed  the city with mortar shells and artillery , which  hurting  number of wounded among  civilians  some of them in dangerous case, as well as ,there was destruction in property .Meanwhile ,there was intensive flying of  war-planes over the city and  East Gouta on the day of performance of  criminal Bashar  to constitutional oath .

The most important videos:


The moment of the fall of  treachery Assad shells  on the homes of unarmed civilians ,at the same time with performing constitutional oath.

Attempt to save the life of a wounded after being hurt with missile bombardment on the city.

The moment of the fall of Assad shells on civilians and martyrdom of Mohammed  Shaikh 16/7/2014 .

The most important photos:


Traces of  destruction caused by heavy shelling with mortars on the city.

The moment of the fall of mortar shells and artillery on the city.

About Douma Revolution

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