The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Friday 18/7/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Friday called, "Thanks to everyone  hosts  Syrians"18 \ 7 \ 2014:


 Today Martyrs :


1 –  Hero martyr Hussein al-Wawi (Abu Sameer) killed with the air strike in the road  Douma –  Shaifounieh .

Field events:


Despite the siege in Douma ,the liberal civilians  demonstrated  for Gaza and against the Zionist occupation,. In addition to ,regime forces shelled the city with mortars and artillery, as well as , warplanes flew over the city last night and shot everything moving, which led to fall a martyr and number of wounded.

The most important videos:


Report |  " Spring of Childhood" program (Festival of World Children's Day)

Demonstration for Gaza 18/7/2014

Demonstration of  Douma free citizens in solidarity with the besieged Gaza and cheering against Assad and Israel 18/7/2014 .

 Doctors try to save the life of a child ,who was pulled from the rubble after  Assad air raids 17/7/2014

Monitoring the war-aircrafts bombardment  on the cities of East Gouta at night 17/7/2014

" Iftar Project " Ramadan 2014

The most important photos:


Douma demonstration for Gaza.

About Douma Revolution

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