The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Saturday 19/7/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Saturday 19/7/2014 :


Today Martyrs:


 Martyrs, who were killed as a result of a bombing car explosion in Douma  , are :

1 – Martyrs Muneer Algroudi and his son.

 2 –  Martyr Bashar Yahya Soufi .

 3 –  Child martyr Tamer Barbour.

 4 – Child martyr Mohammed Burkhush .

 5 –  Martyr Rama Ali Subhia  .

 6 – Martyrs Mouyad Al-Jroudi and his father .

 7 – Martyr Mohammed Rateb Al-Mensi .

 8 – Child Martyr Abdul Rahman Walid Al-Rayes .

 9 -Child  Martyr Anas Barghout .

 10 – Child martyr Ibrahim Omar Duj .


 11 – Mujahid Martyr Mahmoud Rasheed Jarrash yesterday .

 12 – Martyr Mohammed Jamal Sabbagh  Abu Kasem  who died under torture in the Sidnaya Prison .

Field Incidents:


Today Douma City witnessed  a car bomb explosion in front of a hospital,which led to a massacre among civilians killing  more than ten and hurting  dozens of wounded most of them women and children ,who have filled  the medical points ,besides,the field hospital and a lot of homes were destroyed .In addition to , yesterday evening, war-aircrafts and reconnaissance planes flew over the city and clashes sounds were heard  from the city outskirts .

The most important videos:


Eleven martyrs and dozens of wounded due to the bombed car explosion in the city center . 19/7/2014 .

The remains of the bombed car that targeted the center of the city and claimed the lives of dozens of civilians 19/7/2014

Searching for the martyrs and  wounded from under the rubble of destroyed houses as a result of the bombing 19/07/2014

The hole caused by the bombed car and huge destruction in neighborhoods 19/7/2014

Targeting a hospital in the city center and destruction and  a lot of victims  19/07/2014

A round of the site of bombing car explosion in Douma , 21 Ramadan 19/07/2014

Bombing car in the popular market and tens of martyrs and wounded 19/7/2014 .

The most important photos:


Traces of the enormous damage caused by the explosion , which happened today in the city ..

Rising of heavy dust as a result of a huge  car explosion .

 +18 : Martyrs and wounded due to the explosion of a bombing car in front of a hospital in the city .

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