The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Sunday 20/7/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Sunday 20/7/2014 :

 Today Martyrs :

1-Martyr  Mohammed Amer Sraiwel.

2 – Martyr Sabah Mahmoud Hanan ,yesterday.

3 – Martyr Zuhair Swaidan  died as a result of the bombardment on the city yesterday."

4 – Martyr Bilal Hussein Mshawet ,yesterday.

5 – Child Martyr Abdul Rahman Al-Rayes, yesterday.

6 – Child Martyr Anas Barbour ,yesterday.

7 – Martyr Bashar Yahya ,yesterday.

8 – Martyr Abdul Rahman Fares Barghash martyred due to the bombing car yesterday.

9 – Martyr Nazeer Mohammad Haboosh  killed by the  night shelling on the town ,yesterday .

 10 – Martyr  Sami Akram Sowaidan  martyred due to the night shelling on the town ,yesterday.

 11 – Martyr Salah Eddeen Suleiman Hassaba (Abu Sulaiman),martyred in 18/7/2014

 12 – Martyr Waseem Al-Ouf 6/7/2014

 13 – Martyr Mohammed Abed, who died on 30/6/2014

 14 – Child Martyr  Malik Hamza, who was martyred due to the siege in Gota on 30/6/2014 .

 15 – Martyr Noor Khaled Toumeh.

16 – Martyr Najia Abdul Razzak Dawood.

17 – Martyr Khawla Abdul Rahman Jajah.

Field Incidents:


War-aircrafts flew over the city and East Gouta launching raid on Douma farms. Also, yesterday evening and today morning  regime forces targeted the city with an intense bombardment through mortar shells and cannons of the 57th, which led to the falling of number of  martyrs plus  the yesterday massacre martyrs ,who fell  due to the bombed car ,bringing the total number  23  martyrs, including women and children as well as a very large number of wounded .

The most important videos:


 Burying the journalist martyr Bassam Al-Rayes, who was killed by ISIS gangs 30/6/2014

Martyr Ammar Awad (Abu Bilal)10/7/2014

 Anonymous  Martyr 10/7/2014

Martyr Mohammed Khalil Toumeh 10/7/2014

Martyr Yasser Hijazi 10/07/2014

Martyr Omar Yaseen Badran (Abu Bakr) 10/7/2014

Martyr Ahmad Najjar 11/7/2014

Martyr Ali Younes 10/7/2014

 Mujahid martyr Ala`a Eddeen Nassar 11/07/2014

Martyr Khaled Rajab Dalati 16/07/2014

Martyr Mohammed Ali Sheikh 16/07/2014

Child martyr Ibrahim Omar Duj 19/07/2014

Child Martyr Rateb Moataz ai-Mensi 19/07/2014

Martyr Mohammed Tamer Barbour 19/7/2014

Martyr Muneer Jroudi and his child martyr Moayad Muneer Jroudi 19/07/2014

A word of one of the citizens after the bombing 19/7/2014

The remains of the  bomb 19/7/2 014

  +18: Deformed child because of severe burns as a result of the bombing, and the screams of women and children 19/07/2014

  +18:  apart body martyr as a result of night bombing on  residential neighborhoods in the city center 20.07.2014

 Suffering of East Gouta children due to the siege (Sensitive Promo)

The most important photos:


Child martyr Ibrahim Omar Duj, who  martyred by the car bomb.

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