The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Wednesday 23/7/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Wednesday 23/7/2014 :


Today Martyrs :


1 – Martyr Abdul Rahman Khayti martyred after a night air raid on the city 22/7/2014

 2 – Omar Hassiba Abu Abdo martyred in the front of Jobar.


Field Incidents:


War-planes flew over the city and East Gouta today morning and yesterday evening  launching  violent air raid on residential neighborhoods, which led to the falling  of a martyr and dozens of wounded, including children, and a widespread destruction of buildings. Meanwhile ,there was a shooting through machine guns  of 23 mm  from mountain side. In addition to, regime forces bombed the city with mortar shells, which a heavy one  fell on a lane ,and has destroyed it conpletely.

The most important videos:


Rising of Black smoke resulting of  Assad's forces bombing on the city 23/7/2014

A new way to die in East Gouta.

The moment of the falling of  rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) on  Douma and rescuing the injured. 23/7/2014

The destruction caused by the bombing at night through  war-aircrafts on civilian houses in the city.

Destruction in the shops after a night raid that resulting two martyrs and nine wounded .

The bombed car explosion in  Douma City.

 Bombing on the city by MIG aircrafts at night – which is the night of 25 Ramadan  22/7/2014

Injured as a result of the air strike on the center of residential neighborhoods  22/7/2014

The most important photos:


Massive shell  destroyed one of the city lanes nearly.

Traces of the destruction caused by the air bombing  last night resulting two martyrs and a large number of wounded.


Injured  child as a result of targeting the residential neighborhoods  with air raid 22/07/2014

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