The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Thursday 7/8/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Thursday 7/8/2014 : 


Today Martyrs :


1-Martyr Mohammed Tijon.

 2-Martyr Abdul-Rahman al-Dirani martyred in  Maliha Town.

 3-Martyr Kamal Al-Karri yesterday.

 4-Martyr Salah al-Deen Sammoud martyred in Mlaiha yesterday.

 5-Martyr Hatem Al-Masri martyred by a sniper at Al-Wafdeen  Camp yesterday.

 6-Martyr Abdul-Qader Hussaini Abu Faisal, who martyred due to burns sustained by the explosion of a barrel of Methane gas weeks ago.

 7-Hero martyr Mohammed Salah Sammoud martyred on 05/08/2014

 8-Martyr Youssef Badawi Labouda  martyred in Adra Town on 5/8/2014

Field Incidents:


War and reconnaissance planes flew over the city and East Gouta, Also ,regime forces have also targeted the city with machine guns 23 mm from the side of the mountain.

The most important of Videos:


Traces of destruction caused by mortar shells  ,Douma 7/8/2014

Martyr Bashar al-Sabbagh 4/8/2014

 Mujahid Martyr Qasem Slaik 5/8/2014

Martyr Mohi Deen Abdul Nafe 5-8-2014

The most important images:


The remains of the bombed car , which entered through Al-Wafdeen Camp and exploded  with two  heroes while they dismantled  lt on 4/8/2014.

About Douma Revolution

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