The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Tuesday 12/8/2014

<strong>Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Tuesday 12/8/2014 :</strong>


Today Martyrs :


 1-Martyr Imran Salam.

 2-Martyr Younis Ahmad Slaik martyred in  Mlaiha Town yesterday.

Field Incidents:


War and reconnaissance aircrafts flew over the city and East Gouta  launching several strikes . In addition to ,  regime forces bombed the city with mortar shells and rocket launchers, which led to the falling number of injuries among civilians, most of them women and children.

The most important of Videos:


Air strikes on the cities and towns of East Gouta 12/8/2014

Traces of night bombing on the city 12/8/2014

Traces of destructions due to the night bombing  with mortar shells 12/8/2014 .

Black smoke rising  by war-aircrafts bombing  12/8/2014

 Hero martyr Omar Hamou 8/8/2014

Martyr Ahmed Uzo Mlaihan 10/8/2014

The most important photos:


Very huge fire as a result of  constant bombardment by regime forces on the cities and towns of East Gouta.

Two air strikes on  East Gouta.

Traces of  destruction caused by heavy shelling  with mortars at  night.

About Douma Revolution

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