The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Monday 18/8/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Monday 18/8/2014 :


Today Martyrs:


 Martyrs who were killed due to the violent night shelling are :

1- Martyr Yasser Smadi.

2- Martyr Iman Sataleh .

3  Martyr  Muslim Waheed Burkhush .

4-Martyr Mahmoud Abdul-Malek.

 5-Child Martyr Imad Mwaffak Khubieh.

 6- Martyr Razan  Majeed .


Field Incidents:


The city and East Gouta witnessed  flying of reconnaissance and war planes,which launching two raids on Labor Adra City.In addition to, two assassination attempts occuered , one for the leader Subhi Taha by being shot yesterday night and the other for the commander Abu Yaser Qadri by putting an IED (improvised  explosive device) in his car. As well as , regime forces bombed the city with mortar shells today and yesterday evening which led to the falling of number of martyrs .


The most important of Videos:


Traces of destruction resulting  by bombing the city


Monitoring the bombardment on towns and cities of  East Gouta


The most important images:


Survival of Sheikh Abu Yaser al-Qadri  from assassination attempt due to put an explosive device in his car



About Douma Revolution

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