The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Wednesday 27/8/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Wednesday 27/8/2014 : 


 Today Martyrs :


1-Martyr Walid Mahmoud Dalwan (Abu Firas) martyred in Dair al-Asafeer  Town .

2-Child Martyr Abdullah Naji martyred because of his wounds resulting from heavy shelling.

3- Hero martyr Ali Elaiwi  ,who shot by a sniper of  Adra prison in al-Rihan Town .

4-Hero martyr Mohammed Omar Khbayh (abu Kasem ), who was martyred in one of  East Gouta Fronts.

5-Martyr Mohammed Munawwar Abu Badr.

Field Incidents:


The city and East Gouta  witnessed flying of warplanes today executing  two air strikes on Douma and  the other on Labor Adra , Also Douma City was targeted with mortar fire, which led to the fall of a large number of wounded.

The most important videos:


Traces of mortar shells on  Douma today.

Traces of the first raid, which targeted the houses of civilians in the city.

Monitoring warplanes strike on the city . 27/8/2014

The moment of air strike on Douma 27/8/2014

Monitoring  the war-aircrafts raid on the city .

The most important photos :


Traces of mortar shell that  fell on the city this morning.

Traces of smoke resulting by MIG strike that hit the city.

About Douma Revolution

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