The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Friday 29/8/2014

<strong>Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Friday 29/8/2014 :  </strong>


Today Martyrs :


1-  Muneer Fawaz martyred as a result of violent air raids on the city .

2 – Rateb Slaik matyred by violent air strikes on Douma City .

3- Mujahid martyr Yusuf Ahmad Daya (Abu Hassan)

4- Child martyr Abdullah Naji .

5- Mujahid martyr  Waleed Mahmoud Dalwan (Abu Firas).

6- Mujahid martyr Khalil Subhi Abbas (Abu Staif)

7-Hero martyr Khalil  Ali Hamdan

8- Martyr Abdul Hadi al-Soufi .

9- Martyr Basil Natour .

10-Martyr Mahmoud Wahba .

Field Incidents :


The city and East Gouta  had a flying of warplanes , which executing four  strikes on the city. Also , the city has been targeted by mortar shells and guns of  57 mm violently from the mountain side , which led to the fall of a large number of martyrs and wounded.

The most important of Videos:


Traces of  bombardment on Douma today

Smoke rising in the city after the first raid.

 Rising of smoke in the city after the second raid .

Smoke rising from the city after the third raid.

Smoke resulting from the fourth raid .

The executing moment of the second air raid by  MIG fighters on residential neighborhoods in Douma .

Fires in residential buildings and cars due to the shelling on the city

Traces of  bombing on Duma and burning of houses and cars

The most important photos :


Traces of destruction caused by mortar shells fell on residential buildings in the center of the city .

Rising of smoke due to the fourth raid on the city.

Lifting one of the wounded from under the rubble.

Traces of bombing on the city with heavy guns.

About Douma Revolution

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