The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Sunday 7/9/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Sunday 7/9/2014 :



Today Martyrs :


1- Malik Hasan Kakeh (Abu Hassan) martyred on one of the East Gouta fronts today.

2-Tayseer Naal, (Abu Saeed ) martyred in one of  East Gouta  fronts today.

Field Incidents:


The city and East Gouta witnessed flying of air reconnaissance and war-planes, Meanwhile. there was heavy bombardment through artillery from the the fourth group mountain towards the cities and towns of East Gouta.

The most important photos:


1- Khaldun Chugri martyred yesterday after being injured by shrapnel in his stomach.

2= Child  Abdullah al-Najjar Naal ,born in 2001,martyred by the shelling on the city on 3/9/2014 .

About Douma Revolution

طردنا من قبل فرنسا وغدا سنطرد آل الأسد
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