The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Tuesday 9/9/2014

Summary about the ground situation and the most important videos on Tuesday 9/9/2014 :

Today Martyrs:


** Martyrs,who were killed due to the air strike,are :


1-Child Martyr Yasser Saaour .

2- Child Martyr Bashar Subhia .

3- Child Sedana Mahmoud Dalwan .

4- Martyr child Emad Mohammed Lekkeh.

5- Martyr  Inass Lekkeh .

6- Child Martyr Fahd Ramadan .

7- Child-martyr Waleed Nouman Ramadan.

8- Child Martyr Mohamed Noman Ramadan.

9-Child Martyr Khaled Bashar Lekkeh.

10-Martyr Kamal Lekkeh .

11- Martyr Mahmoud Mohammed Ramadan.

12- Martyr Mohammed Noman Ramadan.

13-Martyr Noman Noman Ramadan.

14- Martyr Adnan Akram Ramadan.

15- Martyr Sobhi Khalil Al-hittawi.

16- Martyr Kasem Saour .

17- Martyr Fares  Beiswani .

18- Martyr Huda Mahmoud Srewel .

19- Martyr Ayeda Khateeb.

20- Martyr Mohammed Hamdan .

21-Martyr Fatima Adnan Hamed .

22- Unknown  Martyr .

23- Unknown Martyr .

**Martyrs, who were killed in one of the East Gouta Fronts , are :


24-Media-man hero martyr Qasim al-Kaseer (abu al-majd ).


25-Martyr Jalal Nazeer Mohi-deen ..


26- Martyr Mohammed Taha Jamal Rez .


 27- Martyr Fahad Salim Enjaileh  (Abu Mohammed).


 28- Martyr Yusuf Hamada.



Field events:


The city has witnessed massive flying of  MiG launching two strikes ,which led to the  falling of  18 martyrs and a large number of wounded, mostly women and children. As well as , the massacre followed by heavy shelling with mortars and flying of air reconnaissance.

The most important videos ::


Tens of martyrs and wounded  ,women and children ,after the bombing of Al-Assad war-aircrafts .

Douma 9/9/2014 : air strikes and dying of dozens of martyrs and wounded .

The second air raid on Douma City .

Rising of smoke resulting of strikes on the city. 09/09/2014

Monitoring the first warplanes raid on the city.

 Monitoring  the second warplanes strike .

Traces of destruction caused by violent air raids on Douma City.

Videos  of yesterday  martyrs :


Martyr Ibrahim Khalil Halbouni (yesterday) .

Martyr Malek Nahli ,yesterday

Martyr Malik Qadri ,yesterday.

Martyr Suleiman Mudawer ,yesterday.

Mujahid martyr Mazen Na`al,yesterday.

Martyr Mahmoud Nassan .yesterday .

Child Burhan  Khubieh, yesterday.

Martyr  Yusuf Mohammed Taljeh ,yesterday.

The most important photos ::


 Smoke rising caused by the violent air raids on Douma ..

 Traces of destruction caused by violent air raids on Douma ..

Wounded  resulting by air strikes ,most of them children and women .  09/09/2014

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