The Syrian Revolution Coordination Committee of Douma Sunday 12/10/2014

Today Martyrs:


1-Hero martyr Mohammad Mohi-Deen Jaubrani (Abu Kasem) who martyred because of his wounds in the East Gouta Front yesterday.

2-Hero martyr Mohammad Kabkab (Abu Omar), who martyred on the front of East Gouta .

3-Hero  martyr Imad Bitar martyred on the fronts of East Gouta.

 Field Incidents:


Warplanes launched three raids on the city, which led to a large number of wounded ,besides, several raids in different cities and towns of East Gouta, and there was a flying of reconnaissance planes.In addition to,regime forces shelled  the city with explosive guns 57 and 23 from suburb side .

The Most Important Videos:


Monitoring warplanes raid on the city 12/10/2014

Martyr Rateb  Subhi Taha 11/10/2014

Promo of some development projects – Ghaith Development

The executing moment of air raid on Douma City 12/10/2014

The most important photos:


Black smoke rising from the three raids by the warplanes on the city.

Moment  of  MiG flight attacking .

About Douma Revolution

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