The Syrian Revolution in Damascus Countryside – Douma City Coordinate:-The Daily Summary of The Syrian revolution on ||Tuesday, 29 Nov, 2011||:


The security operations on the citizens continue in Syria while the Turkish pressures on the Baath regime are increasing…

Events on the field:


Student demonstrated in each of Barza, Al-Qaboun and The College of economy,

However, A student was arrested from this college, that and the students of the college of agriculture did a silent stand for the loyalty of the martyrs’ blood.

That and intrusion campaigns issued in Al-Salhia neighborhood causing some habitants arrests.

Many Demonstrations came out in most of the revolutionary neighborhoods hailing for the city of Rankous, Homes and the captives.

That and Kafarsousah’s men threw outspread papers in the old Damascus neighborhoods like Al-Qanawat and Al-Sharibishat, however, large explosions heard after midnight in The seven Lakes Square and its surroundings.

In addition, firings from all types were heard in Al-Qaboun neighborhood.

||Damascus Countryside||:

In Rankous, the teacher Ahmad Nasr, who is married and has three children, while he was trying to escape of a sniper that and the town faced violent tanks shelling on the farm of Ein – Al-Sha’ra from all sides with helicopters flying above the shelled areas.

That and each of Douma and Harasta faced a large campaign causing many arrests.

The military operations started in the town of Hosh-Arab in the region of Al-Qalamon ­with a dense firing; random shelling and a large arresting campaign witch caused numbers of arrested habitants.

Many demonstrations came out hailing for Rankous and the affected cities in “The Tuesday of the loyalty for doctors and nurses”.

That and esal Al-ward have been surrounded by large military forces; however the military campaign started on this city.


Most of the checkpoint-barricades that are around Bab Al-Dreb neighborhood randomly shelled and opened fire causing victims, that and the Bab Al-Sbaa’ checkpoint-barricade arrested a red crescent team was going to the neighborhood and they were released later after they were badly beaten and humiliated, in addition, an injured man was arrested.

A heavy security deploying was seen in the neighborhood of Al-Qusour, however, the checkpoint-barricades randomly fired in the neighborhoods of Al-Khaldieh and Al-Bayadah in order to cripple the movement of the habitants and impose an itinerancy prohibition.

However, the checkpoint-barricades opened fire in the neighborhoods of the Asheerah and Der Bealbah using heavy and medium weapons and armor-clads causing more than ten injuries and many martyrs: Mohammed Turkmany and Khaldeh Al-Hawash, thirteen years old child, that and from the village of the eastern Boydah a funeral procession of 6 martyrs was held in the city.

However, the checkpoint-barricades opened its fire and shells randomly in the neighborhoods of Babaamr and Kafaraya, than and the snipers killed the habitant Ahmad Nidal Eiz Al-Din but he remained on the ground for hours because anyone who gets close to him will be dead.

However, in the evening, the checkpoint-barricades in Al-Qahira street opened fire on the neighborhoods of Al-Bayadah and Al-Khaldeh, that and the security militias came back to continue the campaign on Der Bealbah with shelling and dense firing, in addition, the armor-clads invaded the city of homes and its countryside.

That and the freedom night demonstrations came out in all of these neighborhoods but the Bab Al-Dreb neighborhood faced firing on the protesters from the snipers in the castle and the nearby checkpoint-barricades.

However, the neighborhood of Al-Bayadah faced opened fire and cuneiform bombs incurring the protesters that are going home with news about injuries, however, many explosions were heard.

That and in the neighborhood of Karm Al-Shami the security forces that are deployed around the statue of the criminal Haves Al-Assad was opening fire from time to another to terrorize

That and the checkpoint-barricades in each of Bab Al-Sbaa’, Al-Khedr, Bab Al-Dreb, Al-Bayadah, Al-Waar, Babaamr, and Kafaraya have opened fire by its heavy machineguns but some neighborhoods were shelled, in addition, the security and army militias killed Ammar Misto in Tal-Kalakh city.


The security forces militia invaded each of Taebet Al-Emam and Halfaya and conducted arresting, fulminating, stealing and belongings devastation.

That and three soldiers’ corpses were found in the territory of Al-Areed in some farm for the families of Al-latamnah and it is believed that they most probably defected  when the army invaded the area, however, the people who found them could not find any thin that proofs their identities or to witch city they belong.

However, in Hama city the habitants noted that the army is no longer wearing army clothes, they are wearing blue and white clothes, so in the checkpoint-barricades there were red barrels wrote on them “visitation barricade” or “police”, in addition, pre-made rooms were composed.

That and many students demonstrated in the neighborhoods of Al-Hamidieh and Al-Baath, in addition, an arresting campaign issued in the neighborhood of Al-Qusour in Ein Bad Street.

That and the students of The Institutes Complex of Hama lifted the independence flag.

However, many demonstrations came out from the city of Hama and its countryside hailing for Homes and the affected cities, but in the night dense firing was heard, in addition, the security militia killed Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Sabbagh while he was going back from Tartous.


The Shabiha burned and stole many markets in Marat Al-Nouman; however, military forces deployed on Saraqeb city bridges and the security forces invaded and surrounded Al-Shifaa Hospital after the operation of the FSA “The Free Syrian Army”.

That and violent clashes issued between the FSA and the regime gangs causing three killed Shabihas and tow captives within the FSA.

However, the mosques of Kafrinbel and Has announced on a an general strike for the affected cities, and from Al-Shatouriah village Mohammed Arra was killed and the people walked in his funeral procession in his village, in addition, large demonstrations issued in Idleb city and its countryside hailing for the affected cities.

However, today in Idleb city, the government departments received orders to set up a pre-regime demonstration but because of the minority of the supporters, they brought some employees and who called Shabihas to the center of the city to participate in this demonstration and to fill the spaces in the seven lakes square.

However, the men of the city of Idleb organized the usual daily demonstration witch is always demanding freedom.

However, when the young men, the protesters, tried to get to the seven lakes square where the regime support demonstration was supposed to be, the security forces opened fire randomly and densely and surround them in the street between Al-Moutafaweqeen and Al-Ouroubah schools, however, whoever tried to go out of this area was shot so three persons died there:

–          Emad Saad Al-Deen, nine years old boy.

–          Zead Haj Lattof, a young man.

–          Yesra Qara Mohammed, a young woman.

However, tens were injured because of this attack.


A demonstration came out after Al-Asr prayer in Al-Bab city included men, women, and students.

However, the security forces suppressed the demonstration and threw the women with water causing violent clashes, so a protester’s finger was cut.

That and reinforcements arrived at the city entrances and made checkpoint-barricades and annoyed the habitants.

That and demonstrations issued in Al-Marjah neighborhood and Aleppo’s countryside cities hailing for the affected cities.


Eleven tourist buses came loaded with fully armed elites from Muqtada Al-Sadr, however, in the conservatism of Daraa only Al-Sadr elites counts more than five hundred man.

That and many students demonstrated in many schools so the security forces invaded Jasem city official schools and arrested many third-secondary students, in addition, itinerancy prohibition was imposed in the eastern alley, that and many Al-Dnefat houses were invaded with dense firing

However, The FSA did a successful military operation in the town of Al-Msefrah by attacking a Shabiha bus causing the death of everybody that was in that bus, so reinforcements arrived to the city and heavily deployed with dense random firing.

That and the military airplanes broke the sound barrier above the town of Al-Hara, however the city of Dael was surrounded by large numbers of army forces and many explosions were heard in the town.

However, many demonstrations came out in Horan cities and the connections in most of these cities are cut.

||Der Al-Zor||:

The students of the college of science raised the independence flag on the college building and demonstrated demanding the execution of Bashar Al-Assad in despite of the heavy deployment of security forces and Shabiha into and out the university court.

That and many students demonstrations issued in many schools, that and the people of the city continued to demonstrate in the city and its countryside.

 In addition, many of the city men gathered in front of the house of the martyr Ghiath Salamah Al-Rawi in a night demonstration demanding the execution of Bashar Al-Assad while many explosions were heard in the neighborhood of Al-Jourah.

That and many demonstrations issued in each of Qureah, Boukamal, and Al-Sheheel.


A large demonstration came out in the neighborhood of Ghweran in the city of Hasakah, Derbasieh, Qamishlo, Amoda, and Ras Al-Ein in “The Tuesday of the loyalty for doctors and nurses” hailing in Arabic and Kurdish.


The art school’s students demonstrated just after inspectors from the security forces who came to erase the freedom sentences that students wrote on the schools walls left.

Another demonstration issued in Al-Baath school in the neighborhood of Al-Ouinah hailed for the overthrow of the regime.

That and the security militias conducted an invading and arresting campaign in the neighborhoods of Al-Sakantoury, Boustan Hamamy, Boustan Al-Samkeh, The southern Al-Raml, Al-Slebah, Al-Slebah Project, and Al-Shikh Daher.

However, in the evening dense security deploying was noted in Ugarit Square and Al-Slebah.

In addition, in the area of Hafa, a large demonstration issued from the towns of Babna and Al-Jankil hailing: “we prefer to die on humiliation life” and “The people want to execute the president”.


A quick demonstration issued in the neighborhood of Al-Midan in the city of Banyas hailing for the execution of the president and Takbir chants (God is greater [than the oppressor]) rose high to the sky in Banyas

That and the security forces heavily deployed in the square of Al-Bayda city.

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